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What’s Broken?

Almost all your favorite creators on Instagram share links to their latest YouTube videos in their bio or stories. But whenever you tap on those links, you get redirected to the YouTube website instead of the YouTube app.

And here you can’t watch the video in full screen nor can you like it, comment on it or subscribe to the channel.

Ever wondered Why it is so?

Because Instagram has something called a Built-In-Browser that opens up, instead of the app you wanted to open.
Which is not cool, at all….

And this problem is not just with IG but also YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Telegram, Quora etc.

We have a Fix !

So we fixed this problem of sub-optimal user experiences by building a tool that ensures all social media links open in the apps they should. It’s called OpeninApp.

130 Mn+ Redirects Served

100,000+ Creators Using


Mama Earth



Momentum Media

One Impression

No Filtr


Munawar Faruqui


Riva Arora


Prasad Tech


Samay Raina


Raj Shamani


MBA Chaiwala


What is Listed?

We find it very painful that unlike tech entrepreneurs there’s little to no capital available for social media creators

So, we help rising creators get funded, just like startups & In return, they share a portion of their future incomes with us.

We are doing for
what VCs have done
for Startups

Why are we Doing it?

If you look closely, human potential/effort is the only true scarce resource on this planet, to the extent that everything on this planet is valued in terms of the human effort that has gone in building/acquiring that thing.

Yet the fact that most of us can’t directly invest in human potential makes absolutely no sense to us.

So we are trying to fix this…

What Drives Us?

Helping creators to fully unleash their potential is the only north star that drives us to do what we do.

We are true believers in Maslow’s law of hierarchy of needs and we believe blurring the boundaries between passion and profession is the only way to exist.

So if you would rather be a creative genius than a productive machine, then join us to lead the change…

Who are we?

Nikunj Jain
Dreams, Builds & Sells
IIT Delhi ‘10 | Forbes 30U30 Asia 2018
InoxApps - 150Mn apps & downloads
Frankly.Me - Video Social Network
NashVentures- Blockchain Startup Studio
Angel Investor - Rapido, Drivezy, Wigzo, Tripoto
Alan Dsouza
Builds & Scales
Serial Entrepreneur
txtBrowser - 1.1Bn paid Smart SMS Queries
FreePaisa - ARR $5Mn : App discovery platform
Adof Game - 1.1Mn Paying Gaming Subscribers
Autograph.ly - Cameo for South Indian Celebrities

We are Backed by

Whiteboard Capital

Goodwater Capital

And Amazing Founders and Crazy Creators

Kunal Shah


Niraj Singh


Suhail Sameer


Varun Alagh


Sumit Gupta


Saahil Goel


Sumit Jain


Prashant Tandon


Satish Ray


Papa CJ


Raj Shamani


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